Starting from humble beginnings in 2002 creating competition winning bow strings for our friends and neighbors, Extreme Bow Strings has grown to be the best supplier of custom bow strings in the country.
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Pro Dealer for Xpedition Archery, Martin Archery, GoldTip Arrows and Copper John Sights.

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Custom Bowstrings For All Your Archery Needs
Extreme Bow Strings.LLC can be custom made for all types of bows including compounds, recurves and longbows and crossbows. They are available for all makes and models including Mathews, Martin, Darton, PSE, Hoyt, Bear, Jennings, High Country, Golden Eagle and more. Do yourself a favor and replace that old bowstring with a custom, handmade string, made with the best quality materials by a seasoned bow string maker
Strings that set the NEW World Record in BHFS, a Perfect 900 ever shot in the history of Vegas. Thanks John Wheeler.

"Archers building better products for archers"
Extreme Bowstrings and cables are custom built to-order. Each string and cable is measured to the exact length and color or colors you specify. All strings and cables all pre-stretched, served and stretched again at over 300 pounds, eliminating the need for constant cam timing and synchronization. The stretching process also eliminates peep rotation and the need for a peep alignment device. You’ll find our servings to be extremely tight, eliminating serving separation. Our superior construction methods ensure a longer life and better performance for your bowstrings and cables.
Maximize your bows peak performance by replacing your factory installed bowstrings and cables with Extreme Bowstrings and Cables.
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All of our bowstrings and cables are made from the best Brownell and BCY Products Astro Flight, FURY, ULTRA CAM, TS PLUS, BCY X, 452X and 8190 materials. 
FURY Material, Shoot the BEST on the Market, it provides unmatched stability and amazing speed. Offering an extremely soft and quiet shot. Made from  100% UHMWPE 
Astro Flight   This is the Next Generation Bow String, with NO CREEP, 20% STRONGER, EXCELLENT ARROW SPEEDS, DURABLE and has a SOFT SHOT. It also Performs like a combination blended material.  19 solid colors to choose from with Florescents being made..  
ULTRA CAM provides outstanding strength and durability, the lowest creep factor available and used by more pro's then any other material. Ultra Cam materials are available in 13 solid colors, 1 combo color and 8 tri-colors.  Found in the Recurve section only. 
TS PLUS is great for ultimate arrow speed and stability.  TS Plus bowstrings are made with 20 strands and are available in 15 solid colors and 7 tri-colors. Found in the recurve section only.
452X   is Great for bowstrings and cables for its strength and stability. It has a blend of 67% SK75 DYNEEMA and 33% VECTRAN.  It will not stretch or creep. And comes in 40 different colors. Strings and cables are made with 20-24 strands. 

BCY X Has No Creep, Good arrow speed, Low Fuzziness, High Abrasion Resistance.  83% SK90 Dyneema 17% Vectran. Patented Construction.
What pro archers have to say about bowstrings made with Brownell and BCY materials:
 toby 2015I have been shooting Extreme Strings for over 5 years and they perform Flawlessly in target and hunting situations.  And Perfectly made every time which helps greatly in setting up and tuning. Put a set on your bow and see where it leads you. Toby Vertein

Ron, I just wanted to let you know that the Astroflight strings you made for my Shadowcat are still holding up very well! I won the BHFS flights division at Vegas this weekend. I also set a new BHFS record. I'm the first person to ever shoot a 900 with BHFS equipment in the history of the Vegas shoot!  jwshooter11 From ArcheryTalk
John Wheeler
When it comes to getting the best strings made for quality, choices in materials and craftsmanship its great to get all that from Extreme Bowstrings. Martin Spring

 shane riggs 2015 elkJust wanted to give you an update from this weekend Ron. Received my new set of astro flight strings on Saturday, put them on and shot them in during the week. The following weekend I went to a big two day 3d tournament and took home the buckle in the men's open money class. I also won another shoot off buckle for all around grand champion. Your strings were flawless in looks and accuracy as usual. As far as I am concerned there is not a better string maker anywhere. Absolutely the best!!! 
Thanks Again.  Shane Riggs

Ron and deer mountWhen it comes to getting the job done Extreme Bowstrings makes one heck of a set of bowstrings you can really depend on. Great Craftsmanship and Awesome customer service. Ron Harmon

mike and trena antelope a
A BIG Thanks to Extreme Bowstrings on the excellent customer service. 

Each string is made custom to each individuals wants and needs. Many different colors and materials to choose from. 

We have been shooting Extreme BowStrings for approximately 4-5 years. Let's just say these guys make some dang good strings.  Michael and Trena

Thanks to Extreme Bowstrings on the Best Custom strings and fantastic customer service and craftsmanship.  

I have been shooting Extreme Bowstrings for approximately 13 years now and let's just say these guys make some dang Awesome strings.  Jesse Grenier

This past weekend was "Fire On The Mountain" by Bad Medicine Archery and I won Lady Hunter~Queen of the Mountain.  Not only was retaining my "title" from last year amazing but Shannon, my 5 yr old daughter, and I both won bows as door prizes!  We had a great family day on the mountain.  We just could not do it with out Extreme Bowstrings and strings that are made perfect so we can just concentrate on our shooting not whats wrong with our bows. Thanks again. Hatti

Scott WarrenI am proud to shoot with Extreme Bowstrings.  The quality of materials, workmanship and Customer Service is unbeatable.  Ron does an AWESOME job!! Scott the Sandbagger