Recurve, Longbow & Onieda Section

This section is for Recurves, Longbows and Onieda bows, we use different materials for different bows depending on limb tip design and if its been reienforced.
How to Measure a Recurve Bowstring
"Example: A Bow String Master designated as AMO 66” (bow length) will have an actual length under tension of 63”. That's the "rule". However, many traditional bows--old or new--do NOT follow AMO/ATA specs so to be more accurate its best to measure the string if its available.  And remember when measuring a recurve style bow you need to follow the curve of the limbs. Serving measurements need to be measured from the end of the bottom loop up to both measurements of the center serving.  Loops sizes need to be measured or we will make them lower 1 1/8" loop and top loop 1.75". Please take all measurements from the tip of the lower end loop which connects to the lower limb tip of your bow.  IF possible it's best to give us the string length so there is no confusion on what string length we are building for you. Errors on measuring or lengths are the responsibility of the owner of the bow not the builder for we build what you request.
Take it from Kyle Olson Winner of NFAA Midwest Sectionals, NFAA National Champion and many other tournaments, He loves BCY X material.