Bows with 1 String and 3 to 6 Cables

This section is for those bows that require 3 or more cables, like a extra buss cable, or extra control cables.  And for a couple New
Bows and companies are as follows to name a few. 
Martin bows that have 1 bow string, 2 yokes and 4 cables.  
Martin 2016 Hellfire, Inferno 33 require 6 cables
Limbsaver Proton DT 
Quest G5 Prime Impact, Centroid, Defy, Shift and a few others
Ross Carnivore 31, 34, 37
Parker Draw Force Multiplier
Blade Runner Bows

Specialty bows in 8190
Price: $110.00
Specialty Bows FURY
Price: $110.00
Specialty Bows 452X
Price: $110.00