Need help to Place an Order

  1.    Put your Name and address including phone number and email a must if we need to ask you a question on your order.

Jeff Hunter
1425 Spruce Creek
Rossville, GA 30741
PH 423-123-4567
Or Call US at 402-750-9621 and we can do the order for you. 
Know the Make and Model of your Bow and String and Cable lengths .  Example:  Make is Xpedition  Model is Perfexion    St 58 13/16"    BC 37 7/16"    CC 39 13/16"
ST = String  BC = Buss Cable CC = Control Cable.

  1. Know what your bow category is. Or if you need help Please use the Contact us   or call 402-750-9621 for identification and help placing your order. 

Single Cam Bows have a string over 75” long with 1 Buss Cable ST 103.25  BC 39”  Examples: Most all Mathews Bows , Parkers, Martin, PSE

Dual Cam Bows consist of many categories.

1 Bowstring, 1 Buss Cable and 1 Control Cable.  All 3 have different lengths.  ST 57 BC 32 CC 35.75  Examples: Hoyts, Xpedition, Martin, PSE and many more.

1 Bowstring and 2 Control Cables (BINARY).  Have 1 string length and 1 cable length.  ST 58 CC 35.5  Examples: Bowtechs, Newbreed, Obsession and more.

1 Bowstring and 2 Buss Cables.  ST 62 BC 38.75  Examples: Older Hoyts, Fred Bear, Browning, New Bowtechs and many more.

1 Bowstring and 2 Floating Buss Cables  Which consist or 5 different pieces.  1 Bowstring 2 Cables and 2 separate yoke pieces. Examples:  Mathews Monster, Mathews Halon , Darton Pro 3500
Speciality Bows consist of 1 Bowstring and 3 to 6 cables.  Examples  Martin bows that have 1 bow string, 2 yokes and 4 cables.  Martin 2016 Hellfire, Inferno 33 require 6 cables, Limbsaver Proton DT, Quest G5 Prime Impact, Centroid, Defy, Shift and a few others,Ross Carnivore 31, 34, 37,Parker Draw Force Multiplier,Blade Runners.


Control Cables will connect to the cam on both ends of the cables

Buss Cables Will have a Y on one end that connects to bushing on the outside of the limb.

Steel  Cables are no longer available.  Sorry.

Recurve or longbows

You must know the exact length or the AMO of the bow but the String length is the BEST.

On the recurves the limbs are curved

On a longbow the whole bow is fairly straight.


  1. Choosing Colors.

You get 2 options on colors which is First and Second color choice.  And if you want the same color to be used you will need to choose that color in both boxes.  Or if you want a Red and Black string you will need to choose them for your First and Second color choice.

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