We produce only the highest quality bowstrings in the industry and we stand behind our workmanship and high quality materials. Our return Policy is as follows:


You must contact us by e-mail or phone first to establish the nature of your return.


We do not accept returns on bowstrings where the customer made a measurement error or provided the wrong measurements or gave us the wrong name of the bow. We also can not accept returns due to faulty installations of strings and string accessories.  And we do not accept returns of Dry Fired Bows/strings..


Once the validity of your return has been established, you will be issued a return number. 


After we've received the defective product and it's been determined that it's because of material or workmanship another similar product will be issued RIGHT AWAY to get you back to shooting as quickly as possible. This process is handled ASAP once we have received the string or cables. 

Extreme Bowstrings

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