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Archery Review  located at 
This review has been a long time coming.  If anything could cause a delay, it happened!  However, I am happy to finally post this review about Extreme Bow Strings.

For this review I worked with Ron Harmon of Extreme Bow Strings.  I had asked him if he wanted to submit a set of strings for review and to have him pick whatever type of strings he wanted.  Ron chose to submit a set of strings made from Brownell’s Astro Flight material.  I thought this was a great choice because I have never used a bowstring/cable set made from Astro Flight and was very interested to see how it would perform.

After the changes I had to make for my wife, the bow has been shot nearly one thousand additional times, for a total of around 1500 shots.  Once I re-adjusted the peep sight to meet the changes for her, it has not changed positions at all and remains well aligned.  The string has been waxed at least monthly and while there is some very minor fraying on the cables where they pass through the cable guard, the strings look in near-new and excellent condition.

6/19/17 Hey Ron!

Got the strings on the bow and everything is fantastic as usual.  Thanks Again

Noah Austin

6/12/17 Ron
Great talking with you today.
Thank you for helping me today.
Looking forward to shooting your string at the Worlds this year.  Joseph Bailey


2/27/17 Ron,

Just wanted to let you know I received my string and cables today - thanks so much for the fast service.  Couldn't wait to string the bow up; put everything together, eyeballed everything and for the very firsts time since I've had it, I got a perfect bullet hole through paper on the first shot.  Gotta be the strings!

For my first experience with the Astro Flight material and Extreme Bow Strings, I would say that I am very happy with the results and the performance of the strings and cables.  I would heartily recommend these strings to anyone who is looking for a new set.


2/7/17 from D&D Eastman Received strings…..Awesome strings…..Thanks
Hey archers, Like most of you, I love shooting a bow. Strings was the last thing on my mind. I liked cool sights, stabilizers, ect. Long story short, the more I learned about strings. They are the heart of a bow. Ron at "Extreme Bow Strings" always got back to me, no matter how stupid of a question I asked. As far as his strings are concerned , my bow guy said that they are some of the best looking strings he has seen. They were twisted a tad short but under tension were PERFECT., And they are pre-stretched!!! . So don't worry about loosing poundage. So if your looking to get a new set of strings, Call Ron. he will take care of ya.  Chad Correll

12/17/2016  Congratulations Tom on shooting this Huge Wyoming Lion.  

12/12/16 As previously posted, I took a buck in Ca. in August 2011. This photo was August 22, 2016, in Ca.
In 2011 my brand new Extreme Bow Strings were brand new. In 2016 the same strings are still going strong on my Heli M. I had to redo the serving at the nock point this year (2016) but that was no problem as the string was well lubed since 2011. String maintenance is a must.
5 years later, the strings are the same as were on the bow in 2011. My Heli M is my hunting bow and I shot it starting in June along with my target bow. Come August I shoot my hunting bow exclusively. So, I shoot my hunting bow allot!!!
I average 5000 shots prior to the start of hunting season. This means my Extreme Bow Strings have 30,000 shot from one set of well maintained strings with only a nock point reserving needed.

30,000 shots on one set of strings is awesome.

I just bought a new No Cam HTR and will be ordering my new set of Extreme Bow Strings 



Mr. Harmon –


Sent some more business your way – really hope you can help them as they were in the same boat I was without the knowledge of what was needed!  Your help was more than greatly appreciated and the inclusion of a business card helped while I was waiting for the bow to be restrung and saw the other guys having a problem!  


Thanks again,


Gregory S. Armand (Greg)


Hey guys! I just wanted to compliment you on your amazing products, your bow strings are TOP NOTCH! I started seeing success in my accuracy when I made the change to your product. Now my entire family uses your products and we're hooked for life. If possible could we get some stickers/decals or possibly gear we can represent/promote your company and products? Id really appreciated it. Thanks, Eric Hixson

Man you guys are on top of things,made a mistake when placing my order and you guys caught it.Thanks again for doing it right.
James Poling
6/20/16 Called and spoke with Ron, he took the time to answer my question, I requested something that wasn't listed as an option and he did it exactly as requested. Strings look great and I'm looking forward to unleashing the Fury on some deer this fall.
2014 bowtech carbon knight. Jamin Berg


6/12/16 Hey Ron, had another great weekend shooting your strings bud, they took me to the top once again and I was able to bring home two buckles and a Thousand Dollars for the Grand Champion Shootoff!! Just wanted to say thanks again for all the awesome work you do and thanks for allowing me to help represent such a wonderful company and product! Shane Riggs 

Shane 2016 grand champion

6/11/16 I purchased a set of Astro flight strings in July of 2012 and they are the BEST Strings I have ever had. I shoot around 500 arrows a week and these strings are the only strings to ever take that kind of beating and hold up. And today I am ordering my next set of astro flight strings from Extreme, I did not realize they were that old so I think it's time to change them. William Plese


5/09/16 Best Dang recurve strings I have ever had the privilege  of putting on my bows  John Clouser.

5/4/16 We started using your strings in 2015 after seeing a good friend shooting your strings who he use to make his own strings and he said he has never put on better made strings then Extreme Bowstrings.  Now all of our Family and Friends have your strings on our bows. Keep up the great work and craftsmanship.  And to anyone else considering using Extreme Bowstrings you could not make a BETTER Choice.  Robert W.

9/29/15  Just wanted to tell you that I ordered a string from you last week and had it at my door in 3 days which blew my mind. Not to mention it was a work of art. You are a professional and and a master string maker. I was so impressed with your work and customer service that I decided I better order another for my other limbs. I will be posting up a review giving you the praise you deserve on archery talk forum this week hopefully you are wanting more business. Thank you for the service you provide, it's becoming a more rare occurrence in this day and age.  Michael McClendon

08/23/2015 Very happy customer
I am very impressed with the quick building, very fast shipping and quality of my strings. They not only look great but the measurements were spot on. I am glad I cancelled my order with another stringmaker and went with Extreme! You made me very happy and I am a now an Extreme Bowstrings member of the family, just wish I had asked for a decal to put up in my bow shop. Thank You, Bill Hines

7/27/15  thank you! Hi....i am very happy with the new bowstring/cables that you folks made for me for my 2007 bowtech allegiance. They fit absolutely perfectly, allowing it to meet all specifications without any twisting or un-twisting or "tweeking" of any kind. quality looks very well...happy customer! Del D.

6/10/15 Hi, I would like to buy a new string for my 2006 Bowtech Justice and my last one from you is still going strong after 5 years use !! But showing some signs of wear on the cam serving end so time to replace.
Last order dated 6/2/2010 You guys make some Fantastic strings. You guys make the BEST Strings Martin
6/10/15 Ordered a recurve string from you guys and its the best string ever, you nailed it perfectly and the bow shoots fa-nominal. Kevin Sellers
5/21/15 I bought a couple recurve strings off ebay to save a few dollars, (they were cheap) and with in 40 shots both strings were in pieces.  The serving unwrapped off the ends and off the center. I contacted Extreme and got a new string and shot about 300 times and its still like new.  I will not make that mistake again buying cheap, its just not worth spending my hard earned money for junk. Its Extreme from now on for QUALITY and DURABILITY. Thanks  Caleb

4/5/15 Hi Ron,I am amazed how fast I got the new string/cables.the colors are more vibrant than I imagined. these are the best set yet. never had to put a single twist.put them on set the d loop and shot a bullet hole thru paper on the first shot. getting 3-5 fps more than the x that was on it. quieter also.looks sharp on my elite with the black riser and camo limbs .makes it one of a kind. thanks Ron. Allan Amadori
ND bow season 2014
Thank you Ron for the wonderful bowstrings. I Use nothing but on all my bows.
Mike Lindsey Mike Lindsey
9/13/14 A big thanks to Extreme Bowstrings on the excellent customer service. This string was built and at my front door in less than a week from date of order. 

9/19/14 This is Peter I just received my blue bow string for my Dominator awesome didn't have to make any adjustments and then right on perfect timing, FLAWLESS. I'll be taking a photo of it tomorrow in the daylight I'll send you a pic 

I have been shooting Extreme bow strings for approximately 4-5 years. Let's just say these guys make some dang good strings.
8/25/14 Ron, we'll I just wanted to let you know that my string set came in earlier in the week. The fact that it was my first time changing strings I took my time and things worked out great.
The first thing is the strings look great, nice job, the next thing is everything fell into spec. After a few twist it came into time and I moved onto the peep rotation. After doing some research on AT I got it down without a problem. All in all it seemed to go pretty easy but I would think that's because the quality behind the string set was the real reason it went so easy. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Michael Riger
Michael Riger‎ Insanity

Thanks, for some of the best strings I have ever had on my equipment.  Ted Reinhardt BowTech 350

7/12/14  Since I have been shooting your strings I have been having the best success ever. All the pictures are of the trophies I have taken using your strings. So anyone else wanting this kind of success also needs to get on the Extreme Team and shoot their Strings.  Keep up the Great work building some awesome shooting strings. Tanner Hess
hess Mtn Lionhess whitetailHess double whitetail
HessHess antelopeHess mule deer
7/10/14  I have had your strings on my bows since 2009 and they are like indestructible, you build one heck of a set of bow strings. But I do take good care of them and even though they look great I feel its time to put new strings on my bows.  Keep up the GREAT WORK.  Matt Leigh.
6/20/14 Your strings are wonderful!!! Shooting your strings I took first in my division for the Great Lake sectional shoot for spots. Also I took first at the badger pro am. The strings are holding up amazing and my groups are better than they ever have been at 60 yards. Thank you very much! Aaron and Kevan Backhaus
6/11/14 Ron made strings for my Daughters Bowtech Specialist and WOW talk about looking and shooting great, Extreme Bowstrings is the place to bring any bow to life.   Bob.

6/10/14 Ron just made these strings for my recurve and they shoot better then they look.  Grant.
Grants new string red,gray,white
6/5/14 I have been shooting competition archery for four years.  I used to use another brand of bowstrings that cost more than Extreme Bowstrings.  Since I changed over to Extreme Bowstrings, I'm sold. I switched to Extreme Bowstrings on my Hoyt Contender one month prior to the indoor NJ 2014 State Championship and I won state champion in the Senior Male Freestyle Division with a 300 and 43 X's.  I plan on winning the outdoor State NJ Championship later this year.  With Extreme Bowstrings, I'm confident I will.  Do yourself a favor and go Extreme and you'll start winning also.
Don Gandy
Millville, NJ

Hey my name is mateusz (mat) and i would like to say a huge thank you for the bow strings you guys made for my apex 7, a few months back. i recently have returned from the australian junior nationals and brought back with me; 2 gold medal (target and state team) and 1 silver (field) in the 20&under junior male compound division. I also have been chosen for 1 international tournament, Trans Tasman challenge which will be held in september- october and also have qualified for the world field championships in Croatia in august. Once again i would just like to say a huge thank you for the strings and i have already been recommending them to all my archery friends. have a good days guys :)

3/15/14 Ron,
Got the new string on today!!!  Awesome Awesome!! It actually quieted my bow down. It shoots, as near as I can tell, smoother and faster!!  Kudos on the product!  I will refer you to everyone I know!  
Ed Hollander

3/13/14  Hi Ron, just wanted give you a shout and let you know that I was able to secure another New Mexico State Indoor Championship in the men's freestyle division this year. As always your strings performed flawlessly! I wouldn't think of having another string on my bow. Keep up the great work!!!  Shane Riggs.
3/8/14 Hey Ron!
We nailed it this time! Also showed me I need to do some push-ups Smile
I appreciate your advice, knowledge, and patience. Thank You! 
As I am a Happy Customer, you can believe I will spread the word!
Take Care and Be Well,

3/3/14   Hey Ron,

I just wanted to say thanks and that I'm extremely happy with the ultracam string that I got from you. Since I got it my score has gone up a whole 20 points. I gave you a bump on archery talk! Would you be willing to sell me an astro flight recurve string for the same price as the ultracam that I got for my Ion-X?


Hey guys I just bought some of your stuff! And all I can say is great things! Amazing quality, I will definitely be a returning customer. Anyways I was just wondering if there would be any possible way to maybe get a few stickers?? Thanks for your time Spencer

2/27/14 Hi Ron,

Thanks for such a great product! I just  simply put them on my pro comp elite, set the peep. Zero twist. Zero movement.

And I won the 2013 state title for target here in South Australia!! Love your strings!!

I am now a full staff shooter for archery academy here in SA.

I would be very proud to officially represent you here as well.

Great product, great service and best price to boot! how can you go wrong.

Cheers and thanks again.

Justin Mamo 

2/24/14 never expected to get the strings so soon. the mountain berry and silver looks really sharp on the black with carbon overlay. they look and shoot as I expected- EXCELLENT, thanks Allan Amadori.
1/8/14 There is a new comment to Review: Extreme Bow Strings.
Comment Link:
I put an astro flight string on my limbsaver proton. I thought the original string by winners choice was very good, but the astro flight string by extreme has got it beat IMO. the bow was very quiet before. now all I can hear is the swish of the string passing thru the air and the thump of the arrow hitting the target. people standing 10 yards away can't hear it. it also lacks the fuzziness . winners choice is  a very good quality string but way over priced and they don't offer the astro flight. almost forgot to mention that the bow gained 7 fps. set to the same specs. this is incredible.
12/20/13 Dear Ron,
I just wanted t let you know that I got the strings and they look fantastic! Just set them both up with knocking points, brace height was identical on each string, and the feel of the shot is the nicest I have experienced on my bow (first time using astro flight). Thanks a bunch for the speedy delivery as well, I was expecting it to take another week at least. If I or anyone I know needs another string I will make sure it comes from you.
Jason Furtner
11/25/13 Ross Canivore string set
Ron, I have the strings on already and to say I am please is an under statement ! Best strings I have ever seen, cams were dead on brace height was on and one twist of the string to set peep!!! You rock!!!this was the easiest set up I have ever done! And the bow shoots perfect, no peep twist! You totally have all my business from now on. Thank you again! John Metscaviz-Grayslake,IL

11/15/13 HI Ron this is Ralph from California and I have to say thanks for talking me into the astro flight material, I put it on my hoyt and I have to say it has been the easiest to set up and the bow has never shot so good. I can't believe I waited so long to put it on my bow. Thanks Ralph.
10/31/13  Ron, Already shipped???? I can't thank you enough for this awesome service and I would like to inquire about any used bows you might have for sale. If I am going to spend any money for hunting I want to do it with you from now on. YOU ROCK!!!!!!
Best regards,
John Maly 

9/11/13 bowstring sets are great
,  Just wanted to say great job on those 2 string and cable sets I ordered for my bear instinct and my wifes rackmaster lite bows they are more than I imagined and are exactly as I ordered keep up the good work, will definetly be giving you my string bussiness,and again thank you for the speedy build too yours truly Junior Harris

8/26/13 Thank YouI received my new string today that I ordered Thursday!!!!! WOW Ron Thank You so much!!!!!!!!! I will be sending everyone I know to you. I strung my bow and it' better than new!! So quite I can't believe it's my old PSE. Again, Thank You and your team for making this Elk season possible. Tim Bruce
8/12/13 Just wanted to say thank you for the rush on that string we got 2nd out of 24 teams in the kansas Nebraska boarder wars turny. Lance White
8/5/13  I wanted to send you a quick message thanking you for making the custom strings and cables for my crossbow.  I put it together immediately upon receiving them and everything is working as it should.  I appreciate the quality of your craftsmanship.  Count me as a happy customer.
Thanks again Ron,  Brad Eldred

7/23/2013  Just wanted to give you an update from this weekend Ron. Received my new set of astro flight strings on Saturday, put them on and shot them in during the week. The following weekend I went to a big two day 3d tournament and took home the buckle in the men's open money class. I also won another shoot off buckle for all around grand champion. Your strings were flawless in looks and accuracy as usual. As far as I am concerned there is not a better string maker anywhere. Absolutely the best!!! 
Thanks Again. Shane Riggs 
 Shane Riggs 2013

7/2/13 Just thought we would share a couple more pics with you.  This past weekend was "Fire On The Mountain" by Bad Medicine Archery and I won Lady Hunter~Queen of the Mountain.  Not only was retaining my "title" from last year amazing but Shannon, my 5 yr old daughter, and I both won bows as door prizes!  We had a great family day on the mountain.  Hope you are doing well.  Thanks again. Hatti
Hatti, Queen of the Mtn 2013
7-13/2013 Hey Ron I just wanted to take a second to voice my appreciation for your outstanding customer service. Never in my life have I ordered two sets of strings on Thursday and pulled them out of my mailbox on Saturday morning. As usual my strings were perfectly built and my bow if shooting like a champ again. I wouldn't be caught dead with someone else's strings on my bow, from the tournament course to the mountains chasing these big New Mexico bulls, I am supremely confident my strings are going to put my arrow's where they belong every time. Keep up the great work!!! 
Thanks again Shane Riggs
  Shane Riggs 7-13-13
4/29/2013 Thanks Ron, Say I took 1st place and I am Junior Female Bow Hunter Unlimited WORLD CHAMPION.
Shania winning world champion. Shania H.
Ron @ Extreme Bow Strings,
I have never shot a better string! This buck was shot in Ca, at 43 yards (Ca. Mule deer). The buck did not know what hit him.
I have now shot this string for 2 1/2 years, 4000(ish) shots with little ware to the string (re-served the D-loop area twice, allot of shots). I have used W.C. Strings in the past and I was not happy with the durability.
Also, thanks for letting me know about the Limb Driver, by Vapor Trails, great rest. Used it on this buck.

Shawn Hannah, Ca

4/19/13 Here is a picture of the buffalo we shot last year, using your bow strings.  Thanks! Lawrence Walz My website for some of our great hunting.
 Lawrence Walt
4/18/13 Ron, 
Here are some pictures of us using Extreme Bow Strings.  Sorry the logo sticker is washed out from the flash.  I attached a link to your website on my picture posted on Shell Shocked Outdoors face book page.
Have a Great Day, Hatti L. Steeley
Hattie Nolan and hattie
Thougth I would share this picture which was taken from my stand in NE, There is a lion on the left side entering the photo as the buck is walking through sumac and this buck was never seen again. Also is the picture of the buck I took from same area.  Jacob Harmon
 Jacobs 2012 Buck

3/12/13  Thanks, Your strings are awesome. Steve Jackson
2/11/13 Thanks for the Great Strings. 
Thanks again this one is my mulie from 2013. Your strings did the job once again if there is anything I can do to help promote you and your company please let me know.
I need to order a new set for my exceed so I will be talkin to you soon. Thanks Ron
Ryan Russell
Athen's archery factory staff


Ryan Russells 2012 Mulie

12/29/12 Ron,

I wanted to say thanks for the bowstring!  I got it today just as my dad walked in the door for a visit -- it fits perfectly!!.  So, he was able to see the new string on his old bow (that has a new finish on it too). I've attached a picture for you.

It's been a tough holiday season for the family since we lost mom to cancer in November.  He sat there are just looked at that bow and turned it over and over and over.  Needless to say, there are many memories associated with that bow (even beyond teaching me to shoot), and this positive memories have been a big help for him.

10/21/12 Ron , I received my new set last friday and installed them,I now have 150+ shots on them on have not had to touch my peep or had any timing or tuning issues, only had to make a sight adjustment due to increased speed. Went from 323 average fps on 71 pounds to 331 on 71 pounds, backed down to 65 and still as fast or faster than before.  WOW!! Very impressed with the material, But more so with your attention to detail, My string and cable are absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for the speedy shipment and going far above and beyond my expectations. Myself, My friends, and my customers will be EXTREME Bow String customers as long as you are in business.. Thanks again you saved my season! 

10/19/12 Hey Ron, thanks... your bow string worked magnificent. I posted your site on my facebook page. I've  Been hunting many years, harvested many a trophy  buck, here's a few photos. Crazy Joe / Drums "STILL IN THE CELLAR" Rock & Roll Dance Band

Archery Review  located at 
This review has been a long time coming.  If anything could cause a delay, it happened!  However, I am happy to finally post this review about Extreme Bow Strings.

For this review I worked with Ron Harmon of Extreme Bow Strings.  I had asked him if he wanted to submit a set of strings for review and to have him pick whatever type of strings he wanted.  Ron chose to submit a set of strings made from Brownell’s Astro Flight material.  I thought this was a great choice because I have never used a bowstring/cable set made from Astro Flight and was very interested to see how it would perform.

After the changes I had to make for my wife, the bow has been shot nearly one thousand additional times, for a total of around 1500 shots.  Once I re-adjusted the peep sight to meet the changes for her, it has not changed positions at all and remains well aligned.  The string has been waxed at least monthly and while there is some very minor fraying on the cables where they pass through the cable guard, the strings look in near-new and excellent condition.

For my first experience with the Astro Flight material and Extreme Bow Strings, I would say that I am very happy with the results and the performance of the strings and cables.  I would heartily recommend these strings to anyone who is looking for a new set.

10/5/2012 Ron,

Received the set today and already have them installed on the bow.  Absolutely perfect!  
Can't thank you enough for the time you took to sort out the details.  I'll be in contact soon to order a set for the other bow.
Thanks again, Brian

8/11/12 Ron I'm good! Your going to kill me; I was reading my hand-held bow scale wrong. If you read the wrong side of the marker it is 4 to 5 pounds light. It's been a while since I used it and I feel like an idiot.

Anyway, timing and tiller are good. Your strings were on target for length, and I finished with each of them 3/8" shorter than factory spec. I may lengthen each back out to spec, but right now it is shooting fine.
Many thanks for the customer service and advice. I know enough about bow tuning to keep me out of the archery shop, but this was the first set of strings I fooled with. You were very helpful and I'll be shopping your web-site next time I need something.
Toby Wood


8/8/12  I'm Sold, I got the astro flight material from you last year for my bowstrings and I am very impressed with it. It took one heck of a beating for 1 1/2 years and I shoot alot, and even though the cables look great the string is showing a little wear so its time to get another set of Astro strings. Keep building Great Strings. IGOR

7/24/12 Hey Ron I just wanted to let you know I got both strings and installed the first string and set in a peep sight, shot a few times and WOW what a difference. Took it off and did the same with the second string and in a few shots it was set the same also. Both were exactly the same and what a difference it is putting a high premium string on your bow. I am Extremely Pleased. Jim Costello

7/21/12 I had Extreme build me a new string for my Sabre recurve and I shot a big 40 pound paddle fish, and missed one a little bigger. thanks Ron you do great work. Kevin Endorf

7/19/12 Hey Ron just wanted to let you know I had purchased a set of xcel strings from you 3 years ago and they have been the best made strings I have ever had and shot. I LOVE THEM!! And I put them through alot living an dhunting in Texas, that brush is hell on strings and they held up great.  Also letting you know I will be getting another order in soon to try out the Astro FLight material, I figured out its about time to change them out. keep up the great work. Jim K.

7/16/12  Thank you for the string, it is awesome, I love it. 

 Kirk Stamper


7/5/12 Just wanted to say thank-you again!!!  You guys are Awesome!!!! You saved my antelope season.. I'll be sure to send all of my buddies your way when they need bowstrings.  Seth Dyer

6/24/12 I just wanted to let  you know the bowstring you sent me is perfect.  The length is exactly right and the color and quality are just what I hoped for.  Good job!  Robert


6/16/12  HI Ron I just wanted to let you know I love the Quality of your work.  Keep it up!! Julio Arguello

6/13/12  Hi Ron, I received my string and cable(Astroflight) a few weeks back.  I installed it on my Reezen.  Thank you for building such a great string!  I am really happy with it!  Do I wax it with normal string wax?




6/6/12 Thanks again for the help with new strings for my sons bow, he took 2 first place trophies this past weekend with them. Bryan Ross.

Bryan Ross's son

5/10/12  Hi Ron, I must say I have looked over alot of websites and you have the best website for replacement bowstrings and for information regarding every bow on the market I have looked over the last few days.  Especially the bow I am having you build a string for. I am no expert in archery and your site just explained everything so even a novice could understand it, like me. Great Job on the site and also Thanks for answering my emails and phone call. Erling in CO.

5/3/12  Hi Ron, thought I would send you a pic of me and my 2012 MO Turkey.  Mike Herbst
Mike Herbst
5/1/12  Compliment:   Showing up in your shop in the off-season, made me a better shooter. Thanks for taking the time to teach me some things about bow tune. The string you made for my HOYT really woke it up. By the way it looks wicked. More guys should visit your store in the off season when you have time to give them a little lesson, glad I did! Thanks again Ron. Russell

4/25/12 Ron Thank you for a truly custom recurve bowstring experience--a high performing-confidence building product tuned to the bow and shooter, delivered with exceptional customer service.  Skip Preston.
skip prestons recurve

3/28/12 I just got the string for my daughters bow and it fits perfectly, looks and feels great also. Barbels.

2/16/2012  I just have to say that these are the best made bowstrings I have ever bought and used. From the end loops to all the servings they were tight and the twist in the string looks perfect.  I put them on and shot them about 50 times and usually I have to make adjustments and I did not have to make a single twist in the string or cables.  Just Perfect is all I can say and I will be telling everyone.  Your Future Customer Ted Andrewws

2/5/12 I have been using Extreme Bowstrings exclusively since I opened my shop last year and not one complaint or string out of spec and no peep rotation, Perfect.  Max Archery Products.  

2/3/12  Hi Ron,
 I recieved your strings a couple of days ago. The look Awesome, and a got them on the bows today. They fit Perfect. Very happy. You definetly know what you are doing. I think I will have a couple more to order soon.  Thanks Curtis.

12/5/2012  Extreme Bowstrings are so good I have them on all my bows and have taken many titles and won many tournaments with  them.  If you want to WIN then shoot only the BEST.  Martin Spring.

11/11/2011  Check out this Monster buck I took using Extreme Bowstrings, tell you what putting these strings on your bow will make it one bad killing machine.  Ron

12/2/2012   I only shoot the best and its Extreme Bowstrings, there quality and craftsmanship is the best I have seen and used.  Toby Vertein.

Here is a pic of my sons deer he killed this year using Extreme Strings,  Tell you what after seeing these strings and watching my son shoot them I am convienced that putting a great set of strings on your bow will make you a better shooter. DH

If your looking for the for the Best strings you can get your hands on well here they are at Extreme Bowstrings.  Alex Pribula

Here are some Pics of my success using Extreme Bowstrings, The Best strings you can get.  Joe Vines
Archery Review  located at 
This review has been a long time coming.  If anything could cause a delay, it happened!  However, I am happy to finally post this review about Extreme Bow Strings.

For this review I worked with Ron Harmon of Extreme Bow Strings.  I had asked him if he wanted to submit a set of strings for review and to have him pick whatever type of strings he wanted.  Ron chose to submit a set of strings made from Brownell’s Astro Flight material.  I thought this was a great choice because I have never used a bowstring/cable set made from Astro Flight and was very interested to see how it would perform.

After the changes I had to make for my wife, the bow has been shot nearly one thousand additional times, for a total of around 1500 shots.  Once I re-adjusted the peep sight to meet the changes for her, it has not changed positions at all and remains well aligned.  The string has been waxed at least monthly and while there is some very minor fraying on the cables where they pass through the cable guard, the strings look in near-new and excellent condition.

For my first experience with the Astro Flight material and Extreme Bow Strings, I would say that I am very happy with the results and the performance of the strings and cables.  I would heartily recommend these strings to anyone who is looking for a new set.

4/5/11 strings

Ron, I received the AstroFlight string that you made for my D350. The workmanship and materials look fantastic! Love the brilliance of the colors and the servings look awesome. I also appreciate the extra's that you sent such as the speed nocks and strink tube. Hopefully I'll get it installed this week and put it through it's paces. Thanks much for another quality product! Jay Loar
3/24/11 Hello Ron, Excellent Ron, really professional work, Great Job........
Thanks again, Clyde
3/8/11 Subject=Bow String
I have to say Thanks and WOW! Great string y'all made for my bear! Love it! Keep up the good work and I will always use you guys! I placed a link to your website on my website! Thanks again!!! Michael Van
3/7/11 Hi Ron, I recived the strings today, I must say that I'm realy impressed with the quality. Just superb set of strings. Thank  you agan for your service.
Regards till next order. Dimitrij
2/14/2011 Ron, just wanted to let you know that the Astroflight strings you made for my Shadowcat are still holding up very well! I won the BHFS flights division at Vegas this weekend. I also set a new BHFS record. I'm the first person to ever shoot a 900 with BHFS equipment in the history of the Vegas shoot! John Wheeler jwshooter11 From ArcheryTalk
2/14/2011 Thanks again Ron, Im not sure I would get this kind of service from any other string maker. You and your company are top notch in my book and believe me that I will let it be known the quality and the service I received.   Joe
1/20/2011  Ron, I just wanted to send you some pictures of my 2010 New Mexico Bull that I took with the help of your AWESOME BOWSTRINGS!!!!!! I ordered these strings from you and they showed up within a few days and I have put hundreds of shots on them since I put them on with absolutely no peep rotation or stretch whatsoever. You make a top quality product and the customer service is one in a million not to mention the very timely manner in which you operate. It is a pleasure doing business with you and I would be proud to help promote your great product. Thanks again. Shane Riggs  Southern New Mexico Bull 373 P/Y
1/17/11    Hi Ron   Would just like to thank you for extremely great cables and strings and for the great service you provide :-) It`s the best I ever had on my bow. The sticker is on my bow and I will spread the word about your products. Have a nice day.
1/4/2011. Hi Ron:  I LOVE THE STRINGS. I Waited three years for nonresident Iowa tag it was worth the wait thanks for the string.( Andre Levesque)

12/16/10 Hey Ron, here's the pic of my buck I shot 10-17-10 using my Martin Firecat Pro-X bow with custom string and cables made by you. Thanks for all your help with setting up my bow! This is the first deer I've ever shot with a bow and I am definately hooked on bow hunting now!
-Brett Buske
11/19/10  Hi Ron, I got the strings I ordered from you installed on the Martin Cheetah and they are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!  The bow tech who installed them could not quit raving how perfect they were.  He made a special refferance comment on how nice the string colors looked and how tight the servings were and that the end loops were even served.  PERFECT!!!  He even had to Stop and show others that worked in the store, he even had other customers come over and look at them.  Also I had that baby dialed in to 20 yards within a few shots.   This Bow draws so easily now and shoots like a dream, I can't wait to get home to shoot it again. Thanks, oh please send me a bunch of business cards so I can pass the word to as to where to get bowstrings from now on. 
Jack Stephens from New Mexico.
11/13/10 Ron, Thanks so much for the excellent service in making and shipping the bow string.  It is a great product!  And your quick job and shipping got it to me in time for season opener.
thanks again so much.  I will not hesitate to refer people to your company.
-Benjamin M Good
11/10/10 Ron,  Man you guys rock! Thanks for getting that out that fast. I look forward to shooting it!
11/8/10 Ron,
Got the strings and cables installed.  Everything looks to be lining up perfectly.  I put in a couple extra twists to get it dialed in just right.  The bow maxes out at 68lbs with the cables set the way I've got them.  A2A measures 29.5" instead of the factory spec of 30" so maybe I've got some slightly soft limbs.  The brace is 7.25" which is right on factory spec.  The draw length is 28.5" with the 28" draw module, which is probably due to using the shorter cable, and that draw length seems to fit me pretty nicely.  I can hit all my anchor points, get a nice view through the peep and still leave a bend in my elbow.
I ran it over the chrono this morning and I got 284.5fps with 384gr arrows and 272.5fps with 423gr arrows at 67lbs pull.  I'm very pleased with those speeds.  Adjusting for arrow weight, draw length and string accessories, that would work out to an IBO of about 319fps. Definitely picked up a little bit of horsepower with this exercise.  It has been very informative and I appreciate all you have done for me.  I will put in a good word for you with every opportunity I get.
Thanks much Ron! Jay D. Loar
11/7/10  ?Hey Ron, I received the Astro Flight string today and the large 3d range and bow shop I took it to was in awe of this new string.  They custom make their own strings using BCY materials and couldn't believe how it performed and felt.  They also really liked the brightness of this string.  I shot the bow and there wasn't any peep rotation at all and the bow was so much quieter I couldn't believe I was shooting the same bow.  Before I left the bow shop they asked me if they could have one of Ron Harmon's cards so that they could look more into this new string material.  Thanks Ron, your string made me feel almost like a celebrity at a large 3D shooting range! Preston Pywell
10/27/10 HI Ron, I just wanted to let you know I am so GLAD I had you work on my bow and install new strings. This baby shoots better then it ever has, even better then when I bought it.  I am already passing the word that you are the man to do the work.  Oh I also harvested 2 doe's already and for once the arrows blew right the deer. AWESOME!!!!! Dean
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KWIK-SHOOTER.COM is proud to be an EXTREME BOWSTRINGS partner, using and loving the new Astro Flite strings.
EXTREME has raised the bar with these new strings!
Jim Stewart
10/19/10 CardiacKid74 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - The New Astro Flight String Colors are HERE - in the Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases forum of ArcheryTalk Forum: Target & Bowhunting Chat.
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Brownell Astro Flight is the best material you can use on your modern compound bow! Its an amazing product!
10/15/10  Hello Ron,
We got those strings in today and I went to work on them right away. the long very long bow string came out perfect, just what we talked about the serving was perfect and the eyelets are more comfortable on each end and the serving is just right. Thanks again Ron for all the professional work.
God Bless Clyde 
10/9/10 Ron,  Last night I got my first kill with the new string I got from you. I whacked a 150lb pig that only ran about 40yrds from where I hit him. Your strings shoot great and are nice and quite also look pretty sexy on my bow. This was my first bow kill besides a few rabbits and some squirrles. What a rush I shot another pig a couple weeks ago with a rifle and it felt nothing like the rush I got putting an arrow straight through the pump station. Thank you for making a quality product and great customer service.
10/8/10 Ron 
We just got the string in the mail a few hours ago and immediately went to see just how much we were off.  You know Ron we talked about this even with the best of professional custom bow string makers we would be lucky to get the thing to fit the first try and in all experiments you try what you think is close and then learn something and try again take a look at these pictures.  Ron never in my wildest dreams would we have thought we could come this close in the first try thank you for a very professional an excellent job.
God Bless Clyde
10/8/10 Thanks for the strings I received them today. And thanks for catching my goof up on the order for my 09 PSE X~Force GX.
10/6/10 I bought some of the ultra cam tri color strings and I put them to the test and they were tested and put into action and here is the result.  Thanks Ron for the Great Product. Lorenzo Mondragon
10/6/10 The Astro IS simply the best material I've ever had on my bows and Extreme is THE place to get them!!  RattleSnake
9/25/10 Ron,got my string today and it fit and looks great.Thanks a bunch.Joey
9/25/10 I got my strings yesterday thanks for the quick turnaround!!! johnbjmarcum
9/16/10 Subject=Thanks
String and buss cable are perfect! You did a fantastic job. I'll spread the word. Thanks, Matt
9/15/10 Subject=Kudos
Lack of familiarity with your strings caused an oversight where I ordered two different materials for strings/cables. Apparently, this creates a problem while shooting, and drastically shortens the life of the strings. This not being "good enough" for you, I received a phone call, the problem was explained and fixed, and now the right products are on the way to my house. I still haven't used your strings/cables - but I already know that you'll have my business again. Thank You Brian Pierce
9/10/10 FYI, the astroflight string and cable set for the Hoyt Trykon was awesome!
9/9/10 Subject=Above Satisfactory
I had my new AstroFlight strings put on last week and WOW - are they well worth it! My huntin' buddy came over the other day and was highly impressed with the quality and decreased sound in my bow. I have read many reviews, but seeing is believing. I am a customer for life. Thanks Ron.  
Jason Duncan
9/5/10 Thank you Ron for the string it looks great I love it on my bow I gave your cards out and am sending people to you that come into Cabelas looking for new strings thank you again and I'll send you alot more people you have amazing strings
9/3/10 Just wanted to say that I purchased a set of strings from you last year and they have been the best set of strings I have had on any of my bows in 12 years. They do not look the best at the moment because of all the shooting and hunting I have done with it but are still holding solid. Excellant work.  So anyone looking for some awesome strings do not get them from anyone else but EXTREME!!!   Dave.
9/1/10  Extreme Bowstrings has the best customer service, I ordered a set of strings and put down the lengths I thought the sticker on the limb said. Ron called me before he built my strings and said that the lengths did not match anything in the books from the factory specs. He told me what the length should be and I measured my string and sure enough I had the wrong length down so Ron built me the correct length I needed.  I sure am glad I ordered from Extreme Bowstrings or I would have had the wrong length string and I would have been screwed out of my money and a string I could not use. Now I have a string that fits my bow perfectly.Mark
8/30/10 Rons strings are head and shoulders above the rest, keep up the great work Ron.  Im a Customer for Life.  Scotty
8/26/10 The Best Dang Strings you can get and the service is even better. Tom T
8/25/10  Thanks for taking the time to answer all my emails and phone calls and I got the strings and they are awesome, even my pro shop said they were the best strings they had ever come into their shop. Kevin.
8/4/10 Your Strings
You guys have been excellent to purchase from. The delivery time was very fast, communication was great, and the new strings for my bow exceeded my expectations! The peep settled in between shots number 5 and 6, no rotation after that. Thank you. David M Sweatt

7/30/10 Just got string on the bow. Shoots great.  Wife loves it. Kirk
7/22/10 Hi, the strings you made me are great.  They are by far better than anything I've ever used. Thomas Perks
7/20/10 Strothers Vanquish Bow
Thanks Ron
Got the shipping notice. I'll put some pic's and review of speed on AT after swap.
Thanks John
ps order a set of strings from someone else 3 weeks before I order from you and still have not heard when they will get here!!!
7/13/2010 Strings for Fred Bear ShowDown
Hi Ron,
I just wanted you to know that the strings arrived and are already installed. Great work! They are amazing strings!
The Astro Flight is pretty nice to shoot. I don´t know exactly why, but it feels so solid!
Thanks for the extra string and serving material as well. They were really handy for tying my peep sight.
Anyway, the string arrived pretty quick here in Brazil. About 15 days.
I´ll certainly buy more strings from you in the future.
Rafael Morgan.
Got my string Friday and shot it all weekend! I really love it! Thanks for a great product and even better custom service... I just ordered a spare! braceysdad from Bowfishing Country
7/2/10 Some awesome strings here got mine on the exceed and they are smoking..... got the card posted on the shop wall and already sent some people towards ya ron....inlcuding chase from a few post ago.   From 08toxishooter
Xtreme Stabilization Pro Staff/Tp Scope Lense Pro Staff/Athens Field Staff/Carbon Creation Grip Staff Shooter/Victory Archery Advisory Staff

6/21/10 UltraCam
I've bought 3 sets of this stuff and getting ready to order the fourth. These are quality built.
Q2DEATH From Archery Talk.
6/9/10 I just ordered a set of Strings from Extreme Bowstrings in Orange and Hot Pink with Flo Green servings for my Hoyt Maxxis 31.  Ron talked me into using the new Astro Flight material and I am so glad I took his suggestion. These strings are fantastic and very bright.  I took the strings right away to the shop and had them installed. The tech and the owner along with quite a few other customers could not believe how nice the strings looked and how tight the servings were and the end loops were even served.  The tech in his 30's and owner in his 50's said they had never seen a finer set of custom made strings and they kept making comments on how the string material felt and looked. .  And the tech said that is was the first set of strings he did not have to mess with to make fit or get the timing of the cams set.  And the peep was put in right away and never moved, and the bow draws so smooth now. Thanks Extreme or Ron, you have my business forever and I will be sending all my buddies your way and please send me some more business cards to hand out. Oh you should move out here to NY so I can just drive over to get my new strings and to pick your mind about archery.  Richard
6/7/10  Got the strings for my Cudas and wanted to Thankyou for the fast service.  The strings are the best I have ever gotten and I already have some fish on them. Just Awesome.  I will be letting everyone know about your strings and the quality is 110%.  Scott.
6/5/10  Just wanted to let you know my friend got your strings for his bow  and it is shooting the best it ever has and well so is he now. And he is kicking my butt,  Well anyway I want that for my self also so I ordered a set as well, now I can repay the pounding.   Thanks in Advance Theo
5/27/10  Just wanted to let you know that the Bowstrings  I ordered for my Martin Bengal are the BEST Bowstrings I have ever had. They look Great and by looking at them you can instantly see that you put alot of quality and time into making them.   I put the new set on and my bow tuned up instantly and shoots Great. You have my business forever.  Marty in KS.
5/24/10  Just wanted to say Thanks for the Great Service and making some fantastic strings. They Look Great and the end loops are served, another plus and the servings were all very tight.( A+)  I work hard for my money and I hate buying strings from builders that say their strings are the best like many on AT and when they arrive they are far from the best and to top it off their end loops are wrapped. whats with that?  That wrapping always comes loose and then they look like crap.  Keep up the fantastic work for I am a customer for life.  Bill
Super fast shipping!!! got string order thursday night finished up both bows today. One guy already picked his up, Loved it! will be ordering more sets soon! thanks again Scott!
Hey how's it going ?
The strings you made for my Razor turned out great thanks again.
Thanks, Kev
Hi Ron,
I got string today for my Horton Tacoma and Gander put it on at no charge.  Wow.  Great string now I'm not sure I want to sell it.....:) I picked up 12 more fps. Oh they were totally impressed with your string also.
Thank you RON!!!!!

The Astro set arrived the other day...When i first opened up the package, i was in total awe!! They looked like they were soaking wet!!! What a finish for a fiber material, that totally amazing to me!! I finally got around to putting them on the bow today, main string first, what a difference in total diamater from the 8125's i was shooting!! I tied on a loop, installed the peep, went outside and took a shot with one of my Victory V-Force hunting arrows....1st shot it burried up to the vanes...second shot in almost BLEW THROUGH the bag!! I noticed an improvment in the feel and over all lack of sound at the shot also. It's not completely tuned, but after 3 shots the peep set right in and hasn't moved!! I will post up the number when i make it to the shop where there is a draw board and chrono!!

Thank you very much Ron!!! Tom Swartout
I have nothing but good things to say about Extreme

Extreme bow strings is a top shelf string maker ...we have sent many people to them and all have raved on the quality and craftsmanship. we are still using a test set sent to us almost 2 years ago without failure or complaint (great choice to move away from our inhouse option at that time)...I recommend them 100%
Mike Day
Monster Bows we perfected camless
I've heard great things about both Crackers and Buck Nasty, but they both do get backed up quite often. I am now using Extreme Bowstrings, and I would put their quality against any other. RattleSnake
March 26,2010
Hi Ron,
I received the string today and WOW am I impressed!!! Your serving is awesome. I only wish I could serve like that. I understand things happen and your probably bombarded with orders. I would just like to say Thank You for being an honest and more than fair business man, I feel bad for responding the way I did.
Please accept my sincerest apology. Extreme bowstrings has a customer for life. When ever I need a string or cable for my bow's Extreme bowstrings will be the place I contact. I will refer you to all my shooting buddy's. Your decal is Proudly displayed on my bow Case. Frank.
March 4,2010
Subject=Bow Strings
S1= Ron just wanted to say Thanks for making the BEST DANG Bowstrings on the market, I have tried several other string makers and there is no comparison from their strings to yours. Other then material is it. Your  craftsmanship is the best I have seen.  Love the tight servings and served end loops along with all the color options to choose from with no extra cost. You have a Customer for LIFE.  Dave
Feb 24,2010
Subject=my new strings
S1=Dear Ron I wanted to tell you that my new strrings are the best I have ever seen and they shoot even better. I cannot believe how well they have improved my accuracy. My arrows used to be all over the place with broad heads now they are just as accurate as field points. THANK YOU for these incredible strings .
 Frank Mueck

Feb 23,2010
Subject=very nice work
S1=Ron, I received my string and cabel for my PSE Stinger on Sat, had to work all weekend, got them put on monday (the shop was impressed with the string and cable, I told them they were from Extreme Bowstrings) , shot it about 10 times until string settled in, shot it through the chrono, I picked up 15fps over my factory strings, got my sights set up, I am thouroghly impressed with your work and my friends were amazed at the speed and accuracy that my bow shoots, I can hit quarter size target dots at 20yds, friends were thinking it was luck until I put another arrow beside the 1st arrows on each dot. My friends will be ordering strings and cables soon. Thanks again, Jonathan Stewart Virginia bowhunter
Feb 21,2010
Subject=new bowstring
S1=Recieved bowstring on Wednesday and installed it on Friday. Shot 4 arrows through it so far and it shoots wonderfully. It's alot quieter and seems faster. String looks great. Friends are jealous and will hopefully be ordering new strings from you soon. Kirk Soden

Feb 19,2010
Chris Fletcher called to say AWESOME JOB on the strings he ordered for his Martin Sabre. Chris said he also gained 12 fps with his new Xcel Strings.  Thanks Chris.
Jan 28,2010
  I'd like to invite everyone to stop in and meet new CamoSpace member EXTREME1!!  The owner of Extreme Bowstrings is Ron, and he's about one of the nicest people around to talk to.  He not only makes some of the absolute best custom (and sometimes EXTREMELY WILD) bowstrings around, but he will also take the time to work with you to make sure you get what you want.  When I got my first set of strings from Ron, I was in awe of the craftsmanship that went into the set with the fantastic servings, and the absolute rock solid feel.  Chat him up for your next set of threads, and you're sure to see what I'm talking about.  I'm sure he's still working on his page here at CamoSpace with photos and everything else, but you can check out his site too!
Feb 3,2010
Subject=happy customer
Jan 20,2010

Subject=Perfect string. Thanks so much for great quality and service. I can tell you really took your time to make it great. I even forgot to put a serving color in, and you chose one that looks great with the string colour. I'll be recommending you to my friends. Ellen
 Jan 15,2010
Received my replacement strings for my Continental Denali X, actually they showed up the day you had "estimated" them to ship. Thank you for taking the time on the phone with me, they fit perfectly, the colors match the bow great and the bow is shooting super smooth and quiet. Thanks again, John Henry
Dec 15,2009
Thanks for the great service.  The cable I got from you a few weeks ago,  it has fixed my serving separation problem I had with two vapor trail cables before(they had serving separation before I even shot the bow).  I look forward to getting the string on so it matches the cable :) .  Thanks again.
Daniel Clayton
Dec 14,2009
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I've had two purchases from Extreme and they were spot on perfect. They will be on my bows from now on.
Dec 14,2009 Hunter 2678 post Same with me Kicker...heres my newest set from him..
Oct, 12th 2009
Thank you guys for the excellent service and product..........
Kerim Zamangil
Sept 15,2009
I am Extremely satisfied with Ron's strings, and I'm no longer carrying any other brand here in the shop!
Sept 15,2009
After ordering a set in from Ron I can say they are definitely quality strings. I will get pictures this evening of his strings but they are very very well made. As far as material he uses Brownell instead of BYC. I would highly recommend the excel material. Ron pretty much said that it is the best choice for almost everybody. You can pick whatever color you want and he will just need the string measurements and the money

I want to thank hunter2678, and oldgoat for helping me choose Ron to make my strings no more over priced americas best for me.
Sept 15,2009
Ron I received my bow strings yesterday 09/14/09. Thanks for the extremely fast door to door service from time of order to my door was exceptional. Excellent quality. I installed and set them up the same day my bow shoots much tighter groups and I am very impressed. Keep up the excellent service. Thanks Mike Russo
September 10,2009
Thank You!
I would like to thank you for getting my last order out so quickly. My Son deffinately appreciates it so he can hunt this week end. Thanks again I will deffinately tell freinds and you have all my future busness.
Robert Burkholder
September 9,2009
I received the bow string today. It looks great, and of the highest quality. Thanks for a high quality string at a great price. Don Morrison.
Aug 14,2009
My new string and cables
I received my order on Wednesday, and had them installed last night. Excellent job! They look, and work great! Thanks again, Tim Lemrick
July 27,2009
Thanks....I got the string yesterday and installed it, and everything fit and worked out great.
I will definately contact you in the winter, when I need a new string and cable for my 2006 Mathews Switchback XT.
I recently installed a set from another string maker on Archery Talk, 8125 string and 452X cable. I lost 20 fps, which he claims it is because of the color I chose....never heard of the color affecting the speed.
 It also took 300+ shots to settle in, but I feel it it too late in the year to start changing over, since my setup is all dialed in. Oh well, live and learn
Anyways, I truly appreciate the fast service with my custom earned a future customer!!!!!
July 27,2009
Ron, I purchased a string and cable from you. I am very pleased with the string. I was wondering if you had a flyer that I could hang up in my hunting club. I want to keep the business card you sent with my string, but I think the guys at the club would be interested in your quality strings. Out here in Southern Maryland we are very limited in archery choices.
AT1 (AW) Ethan T. Abbott
July 27,2009
Your strings are the best I've ever used and that Excel material is all you say it is-the best. Keep up the great work,
Thanks Dana
July 16, 2009
The string and cables arrived today...they look fantastic. Awesome job
I really appreciate the way ya added the spacer string in there to allow me to install the peep...very much apreciated,excellent service. I have recommended you to several of my hunting buddies.
Thanks very much:thumbs_up
July 7, 2009
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String is a little faster than 8125 AND is quite a bit quieter!  Ron, the string absolutely ROCKS!  Serving has been ROCK SOLID, too!  It is official, Extreme Bowstrings is now all I will shoot!:headbang:
July 6,2009
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Just got my bowstring for my Oneida,  Very fast transaction.  I think it was in my mailbox before I got off the phone.  Very nice looking green and black string. Appreciate the service!
July 6, 2009
Here is the message that has just been posted:

Got my Oneida string yesterday in the mail...and I am impressed!  Really impressed with the end loops and that center serving.  If that center serving stays in place under the pressure of my gator jaw release, you will have a customer for life!  Thanks again for making me such a great looking string!

July 2nd, 2009
Here is the message that has just been posted:

Thanks for the fast professional service. I just put my lime, dark purple and teal servings set on my bow and all I can say is WOW....   After only a couple of  shots everything settled in nicely and she shoots like a dream, and looks great too.
Thanks again for the fine service. I will defiantly be in touch soon for an other set.
June 29,2009
Received the string and cable last Tuesday and they look awesome, fit perfect, and perform
great!  Will definitely be recommending your business to my friends and be doing business with you again!
Thanks for the great product!
Bill Atkinson
June 7,2009
Just wanted to let yall know that I WON the BSBA State Championship!!!!! im going to attach a picture that someone took afterwards. Ill have a BSBA "certified" picture when they post them. I am to thank yall for everything yall have done! There were a total of about 56 shooters in my class, Started off the day shooting pretty good, then misjudged a couple then picked it back up at the end. There was hoyt shooter guy in my group that was right in front of me the whole time by 2 or 3 points. When it came down to the last target he shot an 8 and i SMOKED the 12. I was over him by one point, that was the determining factor. My shooting is getting better and better, Thanks to CONCEPT ARCHERY, EXTREME BOWSTRINGS, and ONESTRINGER!  Hope to hear from yall very soon. Have a good afternoon. Randall Dunn
June 2,2009
Hey Ron,
Received the strings today, man, I'm impressed with your skill and service. It was great doing business with you, I will spread the word down here about your excellent product and service. Thanks heaps......Bye for now, Nick
May 1, 2009
Hello Ron,
I just wanted you to know that I just received the 2 string/cable sets today. I have to admit, I am quite disapointed.  I am disapointed that I didn't know about you sooner!  Wow, very nice work. I don't even have them on yet and I am very impressed. I hope to get mine on my bow this next week and I am sure my daughters boyfriend will as soon as he can also. He will be home from college tomorrow and he is gonna be pumped when I give them to him. Thanks for such quick service and great workmanship. Your servings and loops are outstanding. I will be sure and tell everyone I know about your work. I will let you know when I get them on. Thanks again.
April 11, 2009
I got my new string and cable on and I love about 400 to 500 arrows shot.shoots great and looks good to.thank you for getting it to me so quick.I will diffently be a repeat customer and will tell all my bow shooting friends about your product and great customer service. Thanks Again. 
April 6, 2009
Ron thanks, the string is perfect. Everything's back as good as new!

March 25,2009 This Testimonial is from lumbermill and is located at:
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TTT for great strings and service.  I've been shooting the set you made for my guardian for 2 months now.  I still haven't had to adjust my peep.  Thanks for a great product at a great price.  Not to mention the fast shipping!
March 15, 2009
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I recently purchased a set of Extreme strings and cables for my Katera and they turned out great. Got them installed and gained almost 10fps over my old strings and it's not even tuned yet. I was also impressed that the string already had serving where the string suppressor makes contact. I usually have to do that my self with other string makers. Plus the matching serving sent for tying in my peep. All that plus fast service is hard to beat.:thumbs_up  
Feb  27, 2009
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Feb 25, 2009
Subject=New Strings
I Just received my new bowstring and buss cable today and put them on my bow. I was impressed by the quality and the way the new sting performed, I shot about 30 arrows and set my peep and that was it. Thanks for the great product and great service. Don Clayton
Jan 2, 2009
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Thanks Ron!!  They look Great, And perform Flawlessly!!!!
Shot my first 300 with it!!!  And look for many more in the future!!
Hey Ron,
I posted pics of my setup on your thread.  They look great.....I just wish pics would do them justice!
I installed the strings and shot it 5-6 times then let it sit.  The next day I twisted my string 1 turn, the next day a half a turn and I haven't touched them since.  I like it!!
I got my strings earlier this week and got them mounted but did have a chance to get pics of them until today.
I went with an orange and black to match the fall hunting conditions and they blend in with the trees and leaves great!!!
The quality of the strings is fantastic and the communication and overall service from Ron at Extreme Strings was great! :tu:  Mike
I was having issues with my bowstring. I contacted Ron with Extreme bow strings and told him my problem. Ron asked what string material and what colors I would like for the strings and serving. I ordered the strings on a Thursday and received them the following Wednesday. (Thats Fast) Also included with the string was enough serving to tie in my peep and sts system at no extra charge. I had the strings put on Friday and sighted my bow. Saturday morning went hunting and shoot two does.  Also attached is the Boar I just shot with your strings.  No peep rotation and even picked up four feet per second.  Thanks Ron

Bobby Martin
Hi! Ron,

I just wanted to let you know I got the string. I put it on the bow and it works like a charm. O! The colors are great too.  Thank you so much for all your help. Happy Hoilday's!

Thanks again for all the work you put into getting me shooting. I got my
first deer (with a bow) today and wanted to make sure to thank you again.
My husband loves the bow string I ordered from you earlier in the
month.  It looks great and has no stretch or twisting to mess with his
peep.  Great work!!
Katrina R. Spaulding
Extreme Bow Strings have given me unexpected confidence !!
I don't worry about stretch, serving seperation, peep rotation.
Your strings are consistent shot after shot after shot!
Thank You, Mick
Here is my bow with the New strings I won in the August 2008 drawing.
They are made with Xcel material and the colors appear to me to be brighter than the BCY material and this Xcel is a lot quieter than the 452X that I usually use..... No Twang even without silencers. I can't explain it, but it is a great bonus. Sorry, the pictures aren't really doing justice.
08/06/2008  Vice European Bowhunting Champion
Hi Ron
many thanks for the perfect string you have made for me!!! I got the silvermedal at the IFAA European Bowhunting Championships!

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Martin Spring
Thanks for all your help on my order on Thursday. My black and orange strings look awesome on my Ross. Your service is second to none...I will recommend you to all of my friends..
thanks again,
06 Ross CR334
06 Ross CR337
Alpine Whisperflite Fall Away rest
G5 Optix ME and Cobra Sidewinder
Got the Strings Yesterday , There GREAT Thanks For a GREAT JOB I Love them. Thanks again , Irv.
I have been having it with all these string makers . Well I think I finally found the ones that are built like their suppose to be . I ordered a set of Ron's string's after I talked to him a while . It didn't take me but about 40 or 50 shot's to shoot them in . The peep is just perfect . I have been shooting it a month now and I have not had to adjust anything . Now thats what I call a great string maker . I had bought a Drenalin LD and was not getting anywhere with it tell I put Ron's string's on it . Before the strings I was ready to get rid of it and now the only way you could get it from me is by gun point . I'm putting 6 arrows in a 3 inch spot at 40 yards and I'm 61 . Well I just ordered a new Drenalin to hunt with and it will be in some time next week and I hope Ron's got the string set built for it and here at the same time . Because I'm not going to set it up tell I get his strings. Keep up the great string building . Thanks again Ron for the 1st set .
David . you have a good one my friend .

Received the strings today and just installed them. Beautiful work. Nice "pop" to them also. Thank you very much for the fast response and turn around. If you don't mind, I put Extreme Bowstrings in my signature for some advertisement for you.
Thanks Again  -Scott Parker

I've tried several different string makers here on AT and have never been disappointed with any of them. In a buisness like that it's the little things that set you apart (in my opinion) and I have to say that I have never experienced better customer service than I did when I purchased my first set of Extreme bow strings. The guys at Extreme really put the customer first. Not to mention the strings are AWESOME!!! Top notch strings, top notch customer service, and UNBEATABLE prices!! I will never buy another brand of string again.
Thanks EXTREME!   Danny279 
Thank you for the great customer service and honesty.

Fellow Archers,
If you want a great product, honesty and top notch customer service, order from Ron. Very few provide all of the above and Extreme Bowstrings delivers!

Thank you very much for the fast service. I placed the order after hours Friday evening and it was shipped Monday. That's fast. I didn't mean for anyone to work over the weekend though. I am impressed with the accuracy with which you were able to build my strings. I think the cables were a half turn out from each other and that was all.  The other thing I would like to ask before I call this Bow Company is if you would be able or willing to build strings for them? I think the material they use and/or the craftsmanship involved is below the standard of the company. I have already let them know my opinion about that, but I would be willing to recommend Extreme Bowstrings as a custom manufacturer to them for their bows.
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks very much, Mark J Crumpacker

In regards to your question "How are the strings?". In a word, perfect.
The installation was effortless,a few twists,and the bow was to factory specifications. I have experienced a noticeable increase in speed,as well as a reduction in noise. After 2000 shots there has been no need for further tuning, and the peep is dead on. I should also mention all the serving is tight even at the loop ends.
The strings that you built for Corey, my son, are also excellent. You also did a great job on his shoot thru system.
Besides my photo is my new strings I just got, Man are they WILD and I Love them,
Thanks Bruce

I have been shooting Extreme Bowstrings for a few months now and they are fantastic, alot better quality then I have seen on other shooters bows from other string makers. And they installed the strings and made sure that the bow was shooting perfectly for me. I am also shooting a Rytera Bullet X which I also purchased from Extreme Bowstrings and with the combination of the new bowstrings replacing the factory ones this bow shoots arrows like rockets and I gained a extra 10fps with the XCEL matreial over the factory strings.. Look for me at shoots happening all over Nebraska and surrounding states, and if you shoot in my division you better pack a lunch..

This has been the best deer hunting season I have had yet as a young bowhunter, I purchased a Martin Cheetah from Extreme Bowstrings and have been out shooting even some of the better competition at a few 3D shoots. This bow shoots perfectly for target and 3D and after harvesting this buck I say its a darn good hunting bow as well. Thanks for selling such a great hunting bow and making such great strings to put on it, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

In 2007 I took 1st place in the ASA State Championship in Prais, TX in the Unlimited Class.  In 2007 I also shot in the ASA Classic in Columbus, GA, And in 2006 at the ASA State Championship I took 4th place in the Hunter Class.  I just got my new string and cables and they look great, super tight serving and the wrapped ends look great and there is ZERO Peep Rotation.  
Randall Dunn