This section is for anyone who has the newest bow on the market or a bow they have changed limbs or cams and are needing strings also called a Frankenstein bow and we do not have the specs in our files yet.  This section is also for anyone who is wanting to change string lengths and serving lengths.  And for anyone who has made a bow .  And for those archers who want their strings made their way.                                                                                                                                                            

Measuring your String Length

The length of your bowstring should have been stated in the manufacturer's specifications literature which came with the bow or is located on the lower limb of the bow.  If you do not have any of that information then remove the string from your bow and measure it from tip to tip.  This length is the stretched length of the string and not necessarily the length of the string when it was manufactured.  It may have been 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter when it was made, since some strings stretch a little when first put on the bow, or it may have been twisted many times and is now shorter then when made.  Checking your Axle to Axle length can help you in figuring out if the string is shorter or longer.  If the ATA is shorter then so is the string, it probably has to many twist in it then. And if the ATA is longer then your string has either stretched or not twisted enough. 

How to Measure a 2 Cam,  2 Wheel or Cam & 1/2 Bowstring or Binary system:
Place one end of string over a nail or peg to hold in place while you measure it with a tape measure for total length. Example (55 1/4 inchs)  Now for your first serving measurement, measure from the end loop over the nail or peg to the end of the serving.  Example from end loop to end of serving is (14 inchs)   Now for your next measurement, if you have or are going to install a STS or similiar device on your bow you need to make this measurement now.   Example from end loop starting at (22 inchs to 24 inchs)   Now on to measure your center serving.Example from end loop starting measurement is (26 1/2 inchs to 31 1/2 inchs). And for the last measurement turn string around and place over nail or peg and pull tight and measure.  Example (14 inchs)
Now How to Measure a Buss Cable.
The Buss cable is the cable that makes a (Y) shape. Place cable end loop over nail or peg and pull tight and then measure the total length. Example (39 1/2 inchs)   Now for your serving measurements, measure from the loop end over the nail or peg to end of serving. Example (12 inchs)   Now switch ends and put yoke loops on the nail and measure the length of the yoke or add or subtract lenght if you want a different lenght yoke..  Example from end loops of yoke to the serving is (8 inchs) and to the end of the serving is (10 inchs).   Most yoke lengths are 8 inchs but some shooters like to have a 10 inch yoke.  If your serving on your buss cable feeds thru the cable guard then please add the extra length.  Example (Serving from yoke starts at 8 inchs and goes to 20 inchs)
If you wish to have your buss cable served where it goes through the roller guard then please add that measurement also.
How to Measure your Control Cable:
The Control Cable is a cable that almost looks almost like a bow string except it does not have a center serving and is much shorter in length. 
Place one of the ends of the control cable over a nail or peg and pull tight and measure the total length.  Example (43 inchs)  Now you are ready to measure the serving lengths.  Start with the one loop on the nail or peg,  Example (13 inchs)  Now flip Control Cable over and measure the other end.  Example (5 inchs.)  If you wish to have your control cables served where they go through the roller guard then please add that measurement also. 
How to Measure your Single Cam Bowstring:
This is very similiar to measuring a regular bowstring of shorter lenght but has alot more serving lengths to record.  First off you need to get a total length of the string  so place one end over a nail or peg and pull tight and measure it.  Example (103 1/2 inchs).    Now for the servings, start with the end closest to the center serving and measure length of serving from loop to end of first serving.   Example  (19 inchs)  Then your next measurement would be for your STS system or similiar device if you have one.  Example (23 inchs to 25 inchs)  Your next measurement would be for you center serving.  Example (28 inchs to 33 inchs)  Your next measurement would be for the serving that goes over the Idler wheel on the top limb. If you want your serving to protect the string thru the roller guard then please add that length on to your measurement.  Example (50 inchs to 88 inchs)  Now for your last measurement, turn the string around and and place loop over the nail or peg and pull tight and measure.  Example (10 inchs)
How to Measure a Recurve Bowstring
"Example: A Bow String Master designated as AMO 66” (bow length) will have an actual string length under tension of 63”. That's the "rule". However, many traditional bows--old or new--do NOT follow AMO/ATA specs.  So to be more accurate its best to measure the actual length of the string if its available. One thing to remember when measuring a recurve style bow is you need to follow the curve of the limbs.  
 Please take all measurements from the end of the string loop that connects to the lower end for end servings, loop sizes, and to start and end of center serving.